Farming on

IoT-based remote monitoring system for plant growth environment


-40 ~ 124℃



0 ~ 100%

 ± 3%


-10 ~ ± 50℃

~ 3,000ppm

 ± 3.0%

Medium temperature

-20 ~ 80℃

± 0.3℃


paprika, cucumber, tomato, strawberry and other crops under protected facility


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Wireless transfer of measured data through IoT LTE modem
Real-time remote monitoring with smart phone app and PC Web
Equipped with wuper-precise sensor
Alarming function based on the setting of highest/lowest value of environmental information
Built-in air circulation fan for the precise sensor information
Daily/weekly/monthly data graph provision
Easy installation in desired location
Provision of DIF information
Simple look design
KC certified and patent registered product (10-1644071)

Basic diagram

  • Accurate growth environment measurement by air circulation method
  • Remote monitoring via smartphone app and PC web
  • Providing growth environment information-based agriculture consulting services

Monitoring Part

  1. (Web)

2. APP (Mobile UI)