· Provision of information on water content in the rootzone (weight, nutrient solution)

· Real-time provision of various measurement information (graph, data)

· Patent registration (10-1404518), KC certification

· The first warranty issuance and price list registration in Korea (Korea Agricultural Machinery Industry Cooperative)

· Simple and convenient UI (can search previous day/daily/weekly,monthly,period)

· Provision of precise environmental information (temperature/humidity sensor applied with air circulation fans)

· Medium size (900mm/1,000mm/1,200mm)

· Selected as government-funded agricultural machinery, Subject to ICT convergence expansion business plan

User SW

Monitoring system

  • Windows program
  • Website
  • Mobile app

Application Case

  • Gangwon-do
  • Chungcheong-do
  • Jeolla-do
  • Gyeongsang-do
  • Jeju Island

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