CEO Greeting

With gratitude, humility and courage,
Company that improve the quality of Our customers' lives.

Ireis co., Ltd is a professional company to correspond IT convergence time regarding development,
manufacturing and sales for IT solution. Since company was founded on Sep. 2010, Ireis have been focused on
two business area based on various and wide experience.
One is smart agriculture IT business regarding growth environment control system
and root management system using water content rate measurement for greenhouse cultivation crops.
The other is smart energy IT business regarding development of smart grid performance simulation model
and serial interface device and also smart battery charging system for smart phone.

As mentioned above, Ireis do our best to be global leading IT company.
Also, Ireis will continuously effort to establish transparent and clean company culture
via complying company ethics management based on our company slogan like appreciation, modest and courage.

CEO Lim Chang-mok

Company introducE

The company provides solutions based on "Sensor Technology + ICT Convergence Technology + Strategic Line-Up"
and leads the SMART FARM business through strategic cooperation with facility cultivation members.

Company Name CEO Established Date Address of Headquarters
IreIS Inc
Lim Chang-mok
Rm 203, 4, Gyeonggang-ro 2326 beon-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do
  1.  Plant root environment measurement technology in hydroponics
  2. Plant growth environment measurement technology in protected cultivation
  3. Hydrometry (Bucket method) sensor technology
  4. Soil environment measuring sensor technology
  5. Sensor data collecting middledware technology
  6. Applied SW(Web, App) development technology
Certifications and Licenses
  1. GS Certification
  2. Venture Company Certification
  3. Innobiz Certification
  4. Software License
  5. Manufactury License


CEO local SW Industry Promotion Contribution Award : Participation Award


CEO Award from Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning : Category of Software industry development

Technology Research Lab

  1.  Measuring device on water content rate in the rootzone (10-1404518)
  2. Smart farm nutrient solution cultivation managing device and crop cultivation monitoring service system for this (10-1846943)
  3. Smart air care sytem and control method (10-1640065)
  4. Plant cultivation lighting device (10-1311737)
  5. Nutrient solution cultivation management device (10-1843883)
  6. Growth environmental measurement device (10-1644071)
  7. Bicycle counting device and bicycle counting management system using it


Headquarter : Rm 203, 4, Gyeonggang-ro 2326beon-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do

Gyeongnam Branch : Wings Tower A-507, 693 Chungmugong-dong, Jinju-si, Gyeongnam

Seoul branch : park habio 202-E218, 111 Songpa-daero, songpa-gu, seoul

video Introduce

Outline of Business

Smart Farm total solution Supply

  • Solution supply through

“Self-developed sensor technology + ICT convergence technology + Strategic Line-Up”

  • Leading SmartFarm business through

Strategic cooperation with greenhouse growers

Development of technology and product supply that can enhance the quality of customer life

  • Plant environment monitoring
  • Cultivation environment management
  • Solution for medium water content measurement
  • Growth environment monnitoring system
  • Solution of monitoring cultivation environment for strawberry
  • Smart irrigation control system
  • Environment management consulting service

Our History

major business performance
u-IT based ginseng growth environment and control intergrated management system
Ubiquitous-based glass greenhouse cultivation environment automation system
Benchmarking Tomato World and Philips Plant(Netherlands)
USN based crop growth environment management system
Plant growth container system
Smart intergrated building energy monitoring System
High value-added local specialty growth environment monitoring System
Improvement of cultivation environment through measurement of root water content rate
Gangneung horticulture export farming association and paprika Farm operation
Signed MOU with VTT Institute in Finland
Development of facility cultivation energy consulting platform Through ICBM-based energy unit technology combination
Development of smart cultivation environment management system For root management of nutrient-grown strawberries
Development of measurement system for outdoor environment and soil environment of single-span house cultivation
Development of All-In-One Irrigation Control System through Machine Learning of Crop Root Environmental Data
Major business consultation and benchmarking
Business consultation with Dutch Priva
Agricultural ICT solution consultation Dutch HotiMax
Benchmarking Tomato World and Philips Plant (Netherlands)
Consultation on crop image analysis technology with Fraunhofer IFF in Germany
Consultation with FTK of Germany on technology development Project in agricultural IT field
Proposal for FP7 project for EU RnD business of smart farm filed With FTK in Germany
Benchmarking 5,000-pyeong plant factory in Codema, Netherlands
Benchmarking cultivation farm of 20,000-pyeong plant facility (chrysanthemum) through heat fusion power generation
Paricipated in Cebit Eurasia exhibition as a growth environment Management system
Visiting GreenTech 2016 in Amsterdam international gardening Exhibition
Visiting IPM 2017 at Essen international gardening Exhibition
Exchange of irrigation system technology with SENMATIC of Denmark

Executive team

CEO Chang-mok Lim

Major history
-Hanbit Haiti smartphone planning and development PM
-Overview of Rivertron USN business and new business
-Planning Maxpo IT convergence energy / growth environment business
Project Execution Experience
-Developed world's first PDA wireless video phone system
-Naksansa Comprehensive Disaster Prevention System
-Build Paprika Greenhouse Automation System
-SmartGrid based Multi-WPAN Development
-Plant Plant Container System Development
-Plant Root Management System Development
-Agricultural Consulting for Energy Efficiency Improvement for Plant Cultivation
Service development
-Awarded Contribution Award for Regional SW Industry Promotion Contributor (2011, Encouragement Prize)
-Received the award for development of software industry

Kwang-Jin Kim,
Management Advisor

Major history
-CEO of Mizo (Gyeongpo Condo)
-CEO of maxon electronics philippines -Representative Director, B-UCOM Co., Ltd.
-CEO of Foresco
-Advisor, Yuriber Co., Ltd.
-Wood Plaza Management Advisor

Sung-Ho Jung, Executive Director, Development Division

Major history
-Developed and implemented Analog AMPS, CDMA phone, Hyundai Electronics
-Telson Electronics CDMA, GSM Phone Development, Research Director
-Developed the U-COM GSM / GPRS phone, Director of Research Center
-GCF Tech ICT solution development, R & D director
Project Execution Experience
-Analog AMPS Car phone development
-900MHz Cordless Phone Development
-CDMA Cellular phone development
-GSM / GPRS phone development
-RFID / USN solution development
-Developed IT convergence (Agricultural IT, Energy IT) solution
-Domestic and international certification (KC, FCC, Lucent / Motorola / Nortel IO, Australia PTT, India Reliance, China China Telecom IO, etc.)
-Domestic and foreign Field Test
-Localization of parts (Activr, Passive device)
-Hyundai Electronics Best Development Achievement Award

Mi-kyung Bae, Director, Development Division

Major history
-Maxon Electronics Co., Ltd., Paper, LMR, AMPS, CDMA SW Development, Team Leader
-U-COM GSM / GPRS SW development, team leader -Nuance Communications Voice Recognition / Synthetic Technology Sales
Project Execution Experience
-POGSAG / Voice Paper SW Development
-Trunking Mobile SW Development
-Participated in AMPS Phone SW development
-CDMA Phone SW Development Participation
-GSM Phone SW development participation
-Participate in domestic and foreign field tests
-GSM Phone European Certification