Irrigation section

– Can irrigate a total of 14 sections

– Setting of irrigation period by

    sunrise and sunset

– Can individually set EC, pH according to

    each section

– Can set amount of irrigation in each stock of

   crop through input of dripper quentity and 

   amount of irrigation according to eaxh section 

– Alarm setting : Setting of highest/lowest limit

   for EC and pH

– Manual irrigation function that

   can be used in emergency

– Nutrient solution management recording,

   root zone monitoring recording,

   greenhouse environment recording can be

   viewed in real-time and according to periods

Control Method

– Time control : irrigation on set time

– Amount of light control

  : irrigation by accumulated light

– Weight control: irrigation by

   the change of medium weight

Irrigation method

– Irrigation time : irrigation by time setting

– Irrigation discharge : irrigation by set


Irrigation period

– Can set irrigation frequency according to


· Display measure graph

· Provide accurate sensor information

   with built-in air circulation fan

· Nutrient solution management

   algorithm  based on weight control

User SW

Nutrient Management Program