Self-developed sensor and Sensor I / F Technology

· Self-developed hydrometry technology

   through bucket sensor method

· Precise measurement of the amount of

   nutrient solution (supply, drainage)

· Improved accuracy by implementing

   5cc / Plus technology​

· Stand-alone product

· Soil snvironment measuring technology 

   in the form of a probe rod

· Electric conductivity (EC), temperature,

   water content measuring technology

· Enhancement of precision through correction of


· Stand-alone product

· Various sensor I / F using terminal blocks and


· Securing sensor application scalability

   by developing general purpose I / F module​

· Sensor block composition technology through

   multi-sensor packaging

· Patent registration (10-1640065)

   : Smart air care system and control method​​

ICT convergence technology

ICT is a technology that provides and uses information and information systems based on computers.
IReIS Co., Ltd. is leading the creation of a smart farm environment by establishing an advanced facility cultivation system using ICT.

Farmhouse Big Data